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[July 25, 2017, 05:09:09 PM]

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where is eveyone??? by CdRsKuLL
[May 17, 2017, 12:13:35 PM]

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August 17, 2017, 01:11:36 AM by jsg22 | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

I received my Alpha 2 as part of the Indiegogo campaign back in December.  I registered via the app and haven't touched it much since around March.  I tried to connect to the robot last but the app had forgotten my login info.  Trying to use the forgotten password validation was pointless and didn't work.  I ended up registering again with the same email address as I had originally used but now I am unable to connect to the Alpha2.  When I do it says that it's already bound to another account.  I've tried contacting support but haven't gotten a response.  Not sure what to do at this point. 

Is there any way to unbind the account or do a hard reset?  I'm guessing that the account info is stored with UBTECH.  Sucks because I'm getting no responses from them. 

Thanks in advance!
July 25, 2017, 05:09:09 PM by comeplaydie | Views: 155 | Comments: 0

Hi just in case anyone here wanted to buy an Alpha 1s Toy's 'R' Us are selling them for 99! Bargain! :)

btw has any progress been made with the Alpha 2 out of curiosity? I sold mine but I'm still interested some what in its success.
July 08, 2017, 04:14:16 AM by michaeldstone | Views: 251 | Comments: 3

I want to remove the head casing for Alpha 2 becausehe took a fall and there is something catching inside. I have undone a few screws but the red part seems to be attached to the white shell, anyone know how to seperate it? The red part has some slots but I dont want to force it of with a screwdriver.

BTW I just discovered it know has the sureveilance app is now working for Alpha 2 dont know when it was updated becauseI havn't used Alpha for 2 or 3 months. ..

Also I have a spare almost new Alpha2 for sale, I originally bought 10 of them on Indiegogo this is the last one it was returned by a buyer as they couldn't connect to Wifi, I havn't checked it yet but it was checked before sending and connected fine if there is anyone interested I will unpack and check it again, I will be looking for the cost price of around $700US + freight from Oz
June 15, 2017, 05:58:09 AM by alanau | Views: 451 | Comments: 8


I am a bit sad that a lot of the main developers for Alpha 2 are selling this robot or moving on.

Even with a lack of updates from Ubtech, I still think that if we got together, we can develop some neat community programs for Alpha 2.

Hoping to inspire others to keep their robots and to develop, I'll soon upload videos of some of the progress I've made for Alpha 2, including the ability to track a ball via opencv and walk towards it, gyro-balancing, and I've also replaced all the ubtech's voice recognition/speech with Google's voice and speech recognition, and I also got Alpha working with Wolfram API so he can now answer random questions.  I've been quite busy lately, and haven't made more progress.

June 14, 2017, 05:37:01 PM by A247slacker | Views: 291 | Comments: 4

well I decided to sell my robot on ebay. I have not heard from Sam Yang much about any updates to the PC software, or new actions that will be released etc. he did send me a video of how to use the PC software today of course the day my robot sold on ebay, it is to large to upload here but if someone is interested I could share the link he sent so you can download it. the video goes over the basics but does not show how you could for example create an action that could be triggered off of a voice command, only though clicking on it in the app on your phone, once you upload it to your robot. I ended up purchasing a Ezrobot JD humanoid from https://www.ez-robot.com/ this robot is not as nice looking of course but it does have a bunch of support from the company and a lot of how to videos.
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July 25, 2017, 05:09:09 PM
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