Author Topic: Alpha 2 Upgrade Tool (Start/Execution Error)  (Read 2997 times)


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Alpha 2 Upgrade Tool (Start/Execution Error)
« on: December 28, 2017, 06:45:59 PM »
I purchased an Alpha 2 for my daughter for Christmas this year, and of course over the past few days our emotions have ranged from great to what an expensive life lesson.   Being new to the Alpha 2 arena and it's low points and high points, I've attempted to install the Alpha 2 Upgrade tool from both the Ubtech web, and this site with no success.  Each time I execute the .exe file the application starts.  However, when receiving the "connect the alpha to the USB port", then click the "Start" button, the application fails.  I've tried this on both a Window 7 laptop, and a windows 10 with the same outcome of failed execution.   

Also, I would like to continue enhancing the Alpha.  It appears to be at version 1.0.22 based on what is shown under the "About" of my IOS application while connected to the robot.  Are there any guides on this site as to how to utilized and execute the enhancements on this site?

I'm not a notice to computing, I've coded R scripting as recently as 6 months ago in my doctoral research. 

Thanks for any assistance, my daughter will greatly appreciate it. 



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